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Why You Should Consider Upgrading Your Toilet to a Bidet

Are you tired of feeling unclean after using the toilet? Do you hate having to use toilet paper that just moves the dirt around without actually removing it? If so, then you should strongly consider upgrading your toilet to a bidet! Keep reading to learn about all the benefits of using a bidet.

  1. Better Hygiene: Bidets provide a much more thorough clean than toilet paper ever could. Toilet paper only moves the feces around; it doesn’t actually remove it. This can leave you feeling unclean. With a bidet, water pressure does all the work for you, leaving you with a sense of cleanliness that toilet paper can’t provide.
  2. Save Money: While the upfront cost of purchasing and installing a bidet may seem high, it will actually save you money in the long run. How so? Well, you won’t have to keep buying toilet paper! You may also find that you don’t need to use as many cleansing wipes, lotions, and soaps since your bidet will do most of the work for you.
  3. Help the Environment: Toilet paper comes from trees – and we all know how important it is to protect our planet’s forests! By using a bidet, you can greatly reduce your reliance on toilet paper, which will help save trees. Not to mention, reducing your use of toilet paper also reduces the amount of waste in landfills. Win-win!

A bidet is a great investment for anyone who is looking for better hygiene, wanting to save money, and concerned about the environment. The initial cost may be high, but it is worth it in the long run! Plus, once you get used to using a bidet, you’ll never want to go back to using toilet paper again.